Minecraft: The Story of Mojang

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Frequently Asked Questions

What am I purchasing?

This purchase is for the digital version of the movie, with instant streaming and DRM-free downloads. You may stream or download the video in a variety of formats, from SD to HD 1080p when available.

Will the movie work on my iPad or iPhone?

Yes, it will! You can visit the website to stream natively, or you can download the video file and then transfer it onto your iPad or iPhone via iTunes.

Will the movie work on an Xbox, PS3, smart TV, etc?

Yep! You’ll want to download the file and transfer it to those devices. The film will work on anything that plays MP4s.

How do I download the film?

Head over to the watch page and right underneath the video player you will see a button labeled “Downloads.” Click that fancy button, and the download options will appear!

Already purchased?

Awesome! You have been sent a signup email that contains a watch link, which you can use anytime to view the film.

My payment failed! What do I do now?

Sorry about that! We recommend immediately contacting us at [email protected], so we can take a look. Please do not try the purchase process again. If you are using a UK debit card and it is getting declined, you may need to contact your bank to ask them why it is being declined.

Have further questions or issues?

Contact [email protected] and we’ll respond as quickly as we can. Please include any extra information about what you experienced (your browser, operating system, error message received). Expect a response within the next business day!